Sunday, 10 October 2010

Ed Swan

Ed swan is a London based designer who creates short term lighting effects that alter spacial perceptions.

Swan utilises innovative materials to produce illusionary projections.

As many artists/designers will say, they all knew from an early age that they want to delve into Art, Swan is no different. He knew from a young age that Art and Design would become a significant part in his life.
His father being an architect was one influence on him, along with his mother's keen interest in Art movements and also his two elder sisters working in interior and textile design. He had a family full of influence who had an impact on him.

I believe that studying a Foundation course in Art is the beginning of the journey, where you start to find yourself and realise which paths to follow. Swan also believes similar and in taking part in the course he could combine creative ways with a more design based approach.
He got a lot from the course, attending workshops, playing around with materials and learning about machinery.
It was at this point he knew he wanted to go down a design route and gain knowledge about function and processes.

His education has played a big role in him getting to the point he is at now. He learnt that there is always room to discover more and space to grow as a designer, particularly in product design.
He believes being a 'jack of all trades' is what makes for a 'great' designer.

Studying at the Royal College of Art helped to develop his style and guided him in the direction that showed him which way of working suited him best.
The college also gave him confidence in his own work/ideas and significantly a network of friends, designers and contacts from all around the world, which like Lauren Moriarty proves invaluable.

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