Saturday, 9 October 2010

Penelope Batley

Penelope Batley started out studying Geology, specialising in platinum exploration and had a very keen interest in archaeology, ship wrecked fragments and marine life.

In 2002 she took part in achieving a National Diploma in Foundation Studies, 3D design at Stockport College. Having the experience of Geology, she had a strong basis for influence and became intrigued by the skill of piecing together complex vessels and replacing absent sections.
As a way of transforming mass produced objects to restore them back into unique crafted pieces she used clay.

After a years diploma, she went onto do a BA (hons) in Design-Ceramics at Manchester Metropolitan University.
From 2006-07 she stayed on at MMU and went onto study Creative Business development and finally onto the Royal College of Art where she achieved an MA.

Initial work:

After graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2009 she found herself designing lights such as, Big Bling necklace light and Chandelier earring lights which won her the 'Sir Terence Conran Foundation Award.'

The above work is so innovative and creative that it stands her in good stead and keeps her in competition.

Her latest work was launched during 2009's London Design week, in separate exhibitions at Mint Shop's 'Mint Escape' and 100% Design.
This work caught the attention of the public and generated features in numerous publications, including; vogue, The Telegraph, Wallpaper Magazine, Living Etc and LA Times.
She has also had earlier work appearing in Crafts Magazine's 'Talent Spot' which also helped her gain recognition.

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