Saturday, 27 November 2010

Day 3: Direktorenhaus

In the afternoon of the third day we went to a gallery based around Illustration.

The gallery was tucked away directly next to the River Spree and overlooked the old harbour, it took a little bit of finding, however it was worth the venture in the cold, miserable weather!

This was my favourite Art Gallery of the week and the one I found of most interest to me in terms of my chosen pathway.

Exhibitions were spread over three floors containing a variety of both traditional and contemporary craft methods, breaking down the boundaries of Art and Design.
The gallery is in fact considered to be one of the most significant forums for contemporary Illustration and Graphic art in the World.

The gallery focusses and links to the 2010 calendar year. The four topics “Magic Realism” (early summer), "Montibello" (summer), "Corncraft“ (autumn) and “Opium den” (winter) form the seasonal framework of the exhibitions of art, craft, design and performance.

The ceiling on the first floor 'corridor' was a beautiful and unusual wooden structure:

Climbing to the top floor was an Art in itself, walking up a beautiful large spiral staircase.

The gallery was the kind that you just didn't know what to expect to see next which made it so exciting and intriguing.

(further posts to come outlining what exhibitions were in the gallery...)

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