Saturday, 27 November 2010


What was in the gallery?

The gallery was full of little surprises, when I reached the top floor it was like entering a magical ball!

Rotating Skeleton like characters were suspended from the ceiling down the entire hall way along with 'disco-balls.'

These characters are by Dutch Artist, Hans Van Bentem. His sculptures are described as having the themes of both 'the unexpected and the grand,' and it is quite obvious as to why this might be the case.

The artist uses precious materials such as glass and porcelain to create his sculptures, which are traditionally used for more traditional, exquisite crafts in Art and design.

Despite the scale and magical element his pieces hold there is still a delicacy and preciousness about them which I find particularly beautiful.
The shadows the light cast from the glossy/shiny material of the sculptures were also
very pretty and made the exhibition all the more appealing and magical.

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